4th Transnational Meeting

From 18 to 20 November, we held our 4th and last Transnational Meeting in Ruse, Bulgaria.

We were hosted by our great partners from Association Inspiration who prepared a lovely stay for all others from Italy, Germany and Scotland.

The two days were packed with exchanging about achievements made in the past 2 years, evaluating activities and analyzing challenges, developing further strategies and planning the last steps of our strategic partnership.

Our two accompanying youngsters Jwan and Bruno contributed precious input and additional perspectives to our discussions.

A special highlight was the presentation about the local youth council of Ruse and a funny talkshow prepared by ex volunteers who participated in the summer volunteering team in Germany.

Despite the short time, we still also had the chance to experience some Bulgarian traditions, enjoy the tasty local cuisine, try Bulgarian traditional dances and had a lot of fun by sharing all of this jointly.

Thank you very much to Teodora and the rest of the Bulgarian team!

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