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Digital Tools in International Youth Work

How to use digital tools and apps in international peer-to-peer Youth volunteering

Martin, the former volunteer of the Jugendakademie, went to a Workshop in Leipzig that discussed digital tools and apps for the use in international peer-to-peer Youth Work. Thanks to the Workshop organized by the network „Forschung und Praxis im Dialog – Internationale Jugendarbeit“ (Dialogue between Research and Practice – International Youth Work) Martin came back with plenty of great ideas and we would like to share some of them with you!

Actionbound is an app, basically a multimedia city guide, which allows people to get to know their surroundings in a new and playful way. You can either play bounds of other people to explore a city, the countryside or an institution etc., or you can create own bounds to let others know about your expertise. The app works on android and iOS and can be used by individuals or groups. Why not encourage your volunteers to create a bound for their successors? Take a look https://en.actionbound.com/

It is also worth to check out augmented and alternative communication. There are several easy to use tools that can be used to promote Inclusive Youth Work. Apps for example include new ways of the communication with people with speech impairments or maps for wheelchair users. Just ask us for advice. Have a go!

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