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Association "Inspiration"

Райко Даскалов 2А, 7000 Русе
Телефон +35 9 894 406 421


The Association “Inspiration” is a non-profit organization based close to Ruse that provides Youth Work activities for young people with fewer opportunities. The organization’s Youth Centre offers activities including art, theatre and sports. Some of the activities take place on a daily basis, others once a week. “Inspiration” has been organizing a national student theatre festival for a few years as well as the Carnival of Cultures that takes place in Ruse and brings together local youth with and without fewer opportunities and international volunteers (long term and short term EVS). Furthermore, the organization supports youth initiatives and encourages young people to engage with local youth politics and develop own youth policy related initiatives. Also, Association “Inspiration” carries out national and international trainings.

The organization is experienced with youth encounter and different forms of European Voluntary Services, including short term volunteering and group volunteering activities, using a European network. Since 2010, Association “Inspiration” is accredited as hosting, sending and coordinating organization for the European Voluntary Service program in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

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