Germany: Group activities at the Jugendakademie



We are looking for regional organizations from the region Rhein-Sieg-Kreis / Bonn or Cologne

those who work with young people with fewer opportunities in schools, in youth clubs, in leisure activities, in education centers etc. and have an interest that their young people become a part of International Voluntary Services within the existing network of Scotland, Bulgaria or Italy. The youth will work voluntarily in local projects for 2 – 12 months.

We are also looking for projects in social, cultural, craft or political field, that have interest in international youth from one of the project partners in Scotland, Bulgaria or Italy as volunteers for 2 to 12 months and to accompany them in Germany.

Jugendakademie Walberberg

53332 Bornheim
Telephone: +49 (0)2227/90902-0

Jugendakademie Walberberg is an extracurricular youth education center, which organizes about 100 educational seminars per year and hosts groups as a conference center. The Jugendakademie has an outstanding experience in the organization of seminars and training courses on various topics and methods regarding non-formal youth work with youth with fewer opportunities Own events take place in several areas. The Jugendakademie carries out seminars about social learning, political, religious, gender-specific and intercultural education with pupils from the 9th grade on.

The Jugendakademie organizes bilateral and multilateral youth meetings with (disadvantaged) young people with European partners from among others Ireland, England, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina, focusing on political education and intercultural learning. It also offers one-day events in the rope course/with the climbing wall for local and regional groups. The organization offers (international) training for multipliers of school and youth work. The organization hosts seminars within the framework of the European Voluntary Service. The Jugendakademie offers placements for short- and long-term volunteers within the European Solidarity Corps (again especially with young people with fewer opportunities). The organization developed a network of local and international partners to carry out the European Solidarity Corps, to include more young people with fewer opportunities into the EVS and to contribute to its strategic development.

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