Italy: Volunteers in action


Associazione Porta Nuova Europa

Piazza Ercole Marelli
19 – 27100 Pavia
Telephone: +39 328/790 51 65, +39 328 / 790 51 66

The Associazione Porta Nuova Europa operates in the field of youth mobility and provides information and guidance activities at local level addressed to young people and third sector organizations about mobility opportunities in the field of training and education, employment and volunteering offered by the programs of the European Community. The organization’s target group is composed by youngsters (school- or university graduates, students, unemployed and others) on one hand and third sector organizations and their operators on the other hand. Porta Nuova Europa is part of a local network of schools, vocational training centers, youth information centers and various nonprofit organizations.

The organization also collaborates with the University of Pavia and various local public institutions. The activities include for example training activities within the framework of the European Programs; development and coordination of European projects in the field of formal and non-formal education, culture, active citizenship and youth; support in European partner research and coordination of transnational activities; participation in and development of projects and initiatives at local, national and European level.

Since its establishment, Porta Nuova Europa has coordinated and participated in several European projects, mainly within the framework of Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ Program and principally regarding volunteering and mobility topics (EVS, job-shadowing, training courses and more). Since March 2010, the Association is accredited as sending and coordination organization for projects of the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

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