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Young man thinking: Would a voluntary service be good for me?

You want to do something different?
That won't cost a lot of money?

Then do a Voluntary Service in Europe!

What will I do?

You can work in a project. There are many projects in different countries.

For example:

  • Social Projects
  • Child care
  • Projects in hand-craft
  • Projects in nature protection
  • Cultural projects

You can go to Bulgaria, Germany, Italy or Scotland.

You can go by yourself or with a friend.

You can also work in a project with a group of people. It is your decision.

How long will it last?

From two weeks to one year.

It depends from the time you have.

Why is the Voluntary Service good?

  • You do it voluntarily. It is your decision.
  • You can go to a different country. The projects are in Scotland, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy. There you will meet new people and other volunteers.
  • You get a lot of information about everyday life in the countries.
  • Work in a foreign country makes you more independent.
  • You learn become better in the language spoken in the country you go to.
  • You have better chances of entering vocational training. Or to find a job.

How does it work?

  • You don’t need any special knowledge.
  • A start is possible at any time.
  • You have to be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • The Voluntary Service is free for you.
  • That means a flat, food, travel-expenses and insurance is paid for you.
  • You can do a language course for free.
  • A mentor will support you. For example in preparation and when you are in the new country.
  • You can do the Voluntary Service by yourself, with someone else or with a group.
  • At the end you will receive a qualified European certificate.


You're interested to do a voluntary service in Europe, but you still have a lot of questions?

Just give us a call or send us a mail.

Achieve More! Scotland
Contact person: Carla Fyfe

Telephone: 0141 558 4300
Mail: info@achievemorescotland.org.uk

Volunteers' experiences

Mareike and Elina from Germany in Bulgaria

Video in German, with subtitle in English

Mareike and Ellina quickly decide that they want to make a new experience together. The obstacles are high: Ellina (18) has never been away from home and Mareike (21) is super busy finishing college. But they manage and go to Bulgaria together for one month. They help to prepare the Carnival in Ruse and promote it on the streets and in schools. Other volunteers from the countries of Azerbaijan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greek and Egypt work together with Ellina and Mareike.

Mareike and Ellina thought it is interesting, that many people in Bulgaria speak German and see Germany as orientation point. When the girls got back to Germany both of them started a new chapter in their lives. One of them started an apprenticeship as technical designer, the other one as bakery sales assistant. Both received positive feedback for doing the European Voluntary Service, for example one of the professional bakery sales assistants acknowledged the EVS: “It is a great international thing that you did there!”

In this video, Mareike and Ellina from Germany talk about what motivated them to do an EVS and what they did in Bulgaria.


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Martin from Austria in Germany

Video in English, with subtitle in English

It wasn’t easy for Martin to find a hosting project where he could do his volunteering service. He searched 5 years until he finally found a project. Together with his personal assistant he took a train from Austria to Germany and stayed 4 weeks at the Jugendakademie Walberberg. He supported the social media department of the organization: he created videos about sustainability, conducted interviews with international partners and posted and published his work. His short-term voluntary service was a great success! Next time, he wants to do a project in English!


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